Why opening a Live Cam Studio?

The Live Cam industry is growing every year, all around the World.

Live cam is an area of booming economic activity in the World

Latest years have shown a live cam industry in rapid growth. Separating from adult and turning more intro a mainstream, day-to-day, peer-to-peer activity, live cam is present in more and more houses. Studies show that more and more people turn to online chat to be part of their social daily live. The markets have been revived and the private consumption in rising allow us to make profit.

Although the need theory (Maslow’s piramid) says that the basic needs, that have to be satisfied, are those related to food, the reality often contradicts the theory. In fact, the social needs, of communication and accomplishment are much more important than food for modern men, especially for those in developed societies, so we have every chance to grow even more in the future.

Studies made in the last years show that almost 65% of men, age between 35-65, living in the developed countries, resort to different forms of live chat, dating services or online dating, having a monthly spending average of more than 300$ (and it is rising), so there is a place on this market for even more good quality studios.

And most importantly, online girls/women were and still are the absolute mirage for average online user, as they seem more beautiful, sexier, feminine, smart and careful than the “offline” ones, so we have a permanent competitive advantage.