Why the franchise?

So you have decided to invest in a live cam studio, one of the few businesses that can offer you a high margin, in which you can quickly recover your investment and also have a positive outlook for long term.

Live Cam Studio Franchise
You can make a studio from scratch alone, and you can learn and improvise on the fly. You’re as likely to handle it, as you are to fail. But most importantly, you will make a lot of mistakes and you will lose money until you find the right track.
Live Franchise
You can have a franchise, this way you’ll get all the information you need: business plans, technical solutions, design, training for your support team and for yourself as a manager, the biggest international brand in the industry, help in recruiting models and everything else needed to succeed.
A franchise means initial costs of acquisition and monthly costs, but will also provide additional economies and advantages which are higher than the costs.

The Studio 20 Live Cam Franchise guarantees that you will:

Live Cam Studio
Reach profit 6 month from the opening and reach monthly sales equal with the initial investment ($100.000-$200.000) in about 12 months.
Live Cam Franchise Chart
Recover your initial investment after the first 1,5 years, up to 2 years max.
Live Cam Franchise Piechart
Make a monthly profit of approximately 20% of the fiscal value (business score), constantly, all throughout the year.
In order to have a monthly profit between $20.000-$40.000 per location (depending on each studio’s dimensions), you will have to get involved in your business and follow the procedures in the franchise guidebook. It is essential to have experience with teamwork, with organising and leading a project/business. You do not need experience in live cam / video chat because once you become a franchisee, you will get:
  • market studies in the city where you will open your studio in order to determine the potential the and optimal dimensions;
  • help in picking and designing the headquarters, an architect and buying prices negotiated on a national level;
  • an adapted business plan only for you, with exact details for the first 60 month (5 years);
  • help in hiring your staff + the complete training for the, for a month in a completely functional studio in order to learn every task needed;
  • permanent support for a good partnership with the best websites in the world an trimestrial meetings with the best teams in the country for innovation and experience exchange;
  • the marketing guide book and model recruitement at a local level + dedicated webpage on the national website;
  • help in model recruitment through marketing project at global and local level, conducted together with the franchisor and franchisees.