Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Franciza Studio 20


1. Q: What is Studio20?

A: A team of people with over 17 years of experience in the video chat industry (starting with 200), management skills and passion for the enterprise world. Those people created Studio 20 with the idea create the first Glamour, Professional Live Cam Network. The accommodation and training of the team began towards the end of the year and, starting with 1 January 2013, the pilot studio was officially launched in Bucharest. This starting point payed out for the experience of the founders, especially because this business can be a road to an exceptional success, in term of legal conditions and good professional organise. After only 12 months from the official launch of the studio in Bucharest, it had an average number of 35 models, a support team that had at its core 11 colleagues and average monthly revenues of $50.000.

The “secret recipe” for the success of Studio 20? “We Succeed Together” it’s not just a motto, it is the core of our daily work together as a team, of how our relationship with each other brings us one step closer to success and how we help each other when in need. The job, as a model, is an extremely difficult one. That’s why we need a support team for them every day so that things can run smoothly and avoid issues of any kind.

As the project was being conceived and preparations were made for the franchise, the studio started operating as a pilot testing center for validating commercial and technical ideas for the franchise staff, more important as a support for themselves.


2. Q: What does live cam / video chat mean? (and what are the differences between the different types of video chat)

A: The Wikipedia defines video chat as a real-time communication between two or more people using various devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, smart TV, etc.) through videos, audio and text. To sum up with, video chat is a professional business that ensures interlocutors for those who wish to have a conversation with someone by a variety of reasons such as loneliness, shyness, time or distance.

Professional video chat can be non-adult (where discussions are diverse but don’t include sexual themes and nudity is forbidden partially or totally) and adult (where discussions include sexual themes, nudity is allowed and actually encouraged) – usually called live cam.

Studio 20 came with an original approach: Glamour video chat. Glamour video chat represents the thin line between adult and non-adult, where every model is allowed to do whatever she wants, but she is allowed not to take in more than she feels like. We put our hopes on glowing sensuality and not on uncensored sex. Our results confirm that our bets and hopes were met. It’s harder to form a glamour model than an adult one, but the revenues are significantly higher!.


3. Q: What does a legal video chat studio mean? I hear it often that it is an illegal business.

A: We started from the idea of making a 100% legal business in an area often associated with the gray part of the economy.Like any economic activity, video chat may or not be legal if the studio associates intend to comply with the law or not.

With us things are clear: we do not accept even the slightest infringement, because we are building something long term. All the components of the Studio 20 franchise are thought in such a manner to assure that the work done is legal:

– Incomes are fully declared and recorded in accordance with the tax regulations

– Bonuses and commissions are totally transparent and are being distributed by clearly defined criteria that come in hand with the contract, social spending ( CAS, CASS) and income tax pay

– Lease contracts are recorded and reported as work

– Studio 20 is commercially labeled and registered

– The financial staff and the strict rules of conduct allow you to retain control and compel compliance

Obviously, there will always be other video chat studios practicing tax evasion and undeclared work. But we find this even in the catering sector (coffee shops, restaurants), retail trade, construction or other economic activities. But when we talk about a franchise, we are completely sure that we have taken all measures for compliance with the law.


4. Q: I found on the internet a lot of studios who promote themselves as being legal. What is the difference between them and Studio 20?

A: We invite you to see for yourself what are is the procedure that we follow. There are other legal studios, but unfortunately there aren’t many. Legality is not promoted as a feature, it’s a mandatory basis that builds a stable business. As you will see, you are about to be involved in a business that has a great productivity in terms of total legality. So we don’t need to enter that grey area of economics. Plus, the franchise system requires that all partners in the system must have the same procedures and values. We couldn’t implement a franchise system for a video chat business if we wouldn’t have transparency and justifiability.


5. Q: What are we looking for in our franchise partners?

A: It is essential to have experience working with people, knowing when to keep boundaries and rules of conduct. It is a business where communication is essential. Equally important is prior experience in organizing and leading a project / team/ business. We are looking for serious, mature partners who want to earn money through hard work and understand that success and profit are the results of effort and sacrifices of a successful entrepreneur.

You do not need experience in video chat, once you became a franchisee you will receive all the necessary information for you and your team training, procedures and effective support throughout the conduct of your business.


6. Q: What are the steps towards evaluating my application?

A: The first step is to fill out the form from the Learn More page. Please provide full and truthful information so that we can respond in accordance and positively to your request.

A specialized consultant will contact you within 72 hours for a preliminary discussion and for offering you more information or answer any questions regarding your curiosity. We would like to know more about you too.

Afterwards we will invite you to a meeting to present your business operations and franchise system.

From now on we can say that we are in the negotiation phase of the partnership.

It’s a matter of time from now on. You can start running your business in less than a month after the beginning of the discussions, if you’re ready for it.


7. Q: People have a strange reaction when I mention live cam. Will I be looked strange at for it by my acquaintances?

A: We are part of a changing society, dominated by preconceptions and envy. This field, among general and uninformed public, has a bad image. Yes, some people look at it weird, mistaking video chat with prostitution or porn industry. And we went through this phase too. Once I explained that everything is legal and that there is no connection in between those too and people understood. Or they did not, people’s opinions differ and they believe whatever they want to believe.

Studio 20 franchise offers double the average profitability of franchises available today, worldwide. It remains your choice if for this significant additional profit you accept the role in it and choose to educate those around you about the video chat community.


8. Q: Why not make myself a live cam studio, isn’t it a way to earn more?

A: You can make a studio from scratch alone, and you can learn and improvise on the fly. You’re likely to handle it, as you are to fail. But most importantly, you will make a lot of mistakes and you will lose money until you find the right track. And the advices that you will get down the road could point you towards a risky area.

We at Studio 20 have experienced pretty much until we reached a recipe for stability and trust with our partners: 17 years! Ultimately it is about the franchise: to follow a recipe checked and tested and have a reliable partner near you who supports you when in need. You will get all the know-how and the best commercial terms from world’s major platforms as a part of the biggest live cam studio network in the world.


9. Q: What availability and involvement should I have?

A: Being a business with and about people, your involvement as an adviser and manager of the team are very important. You will lead a team between 20 and 50 people, depending on the investment.

So, we are looking forward for partners with willingness to engage directly in the management and operations of the daily business. Basically you have a double stance, both investor and manager of the franchise.

Studio’s activity is in three shifts, seven days a week, but you will be able to set a flexible schedule as needed. You still have to have availability to solve eventual operational problems promptly.

Studio 20 has general managers working 5-6 days a week, 8-12 hours a day and are permanently available via email and phone.


10. Q: Which are the cities / countries where the franchise is available?

A: We divided the cities according to population and the potential for the Studio 20 franchise, in 3 levels:

Level 1 – cities with up to 100,000 inhabitants:

Level 2 – cities with up to 100.000 and 500.000 inhabitants

Level 3 – cities with over 500.000 inhabitants

Our advice is to open franchises in cities in Level 2 and 3.


11. Q: What is the institutional level?

A: The level of investment depends on the location chosen and the level of the franchise.

Level 1 – 100.000 euro

Level 2 – 100.000-200.000 euro

Level 3 – over 200.000 euro

These amounts include the initial investment (design, fixed assets) franchise package (training, marketing) and working capital required for the activity in the first 6 months before reaching breakeven.


12. Q: What are the conditions for granting the franchise?

A: The duration of the franchise agreement is 5 years and renewable by mutual consent. Franchising may be exclusive to the city in which you operate.

Monthly royalties and contributions to the budget of marketing / HR are detailed depending on the investment.

All conditions will be detailed and explained during the evaluation of your application.


13. Q: What franchises have you opened so far and how do I check to see if they are successful?

A: You will find information in the press about the Studio 20 franchises and we invite you to access the direct links to them. You can ask them directly how their business works.


14. Q: Where is Studio 20 Franchise available?

A: The Studio 20 Franchise is available anywhere in the world, except for cities we have already franchisees in:

– Romania: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Craiova, Oradea, Timisoara

– United States: Los Angeles

– Colombia: Cali

Our advice as best countries to open a live cam studio are:

– Brasil

– Canada

– Colombia

– Croatia & Slovenia

– Czech Republik & Slovakia

– Hungary

– Italy

– Germany

– Mexico

– Russia

– Serbia

– Spain

– Ukraine

– United States